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Primal Conditioning fitness studio invigorates tired bodies and minds and brings a fresh outlook to fitness. Our fitness studio cannot be compared to a traditional gym. We do not have embarrassing locker rooms or crowded equipment. We pride ourselves on the exact opposite. Privacy and personalization are of utmost importance to us. The fitness studio is your gym while you are here. 

Primal Conditioning specializes in functional fitness training using a variety of tools. Go beyond the dumbbell or the treadmill – Here you will be picking up loaded barbells, swinging kettlebells, slamming balls, and using gymnastics rings to achieve a new level of physical and mental conditioning. My programs are based with total body conditioning in mind to increase vitality, metabolic processes and overall functional strength. The focus is on developing strength, enhancing balance, flexibility and conditioning. Above all, an increased quality of life for all participants is the true goal. Primal Conditioning teaches you to reach your own potentials in fitness, health, and life. 

We also nuture your body by sharing the science-based nutritional advise and advocate a holistic approach that goes beyond a one hour workout. Primal Conditioning recommends only tested weight loss methods, safe strength training routines, organic and pure supplements. You will not find “fad” juice cleanse kits, gimmicky machinery or staff trying to shove unneeded powders at you to make a commission.

At our core, we train individuals on a long-term, intimate basis and act as their primary hub for private personal training and multi-dimensional holistic wellness.



One – on – One Personal Training 

Semi-Private and Small Group Training

Online Personal Training


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be in shape?

Absolutely not! That is what Primal Conditioning is for! Each program is made for the individual and takes into account many health variables to get you into the shape you desire, no matter your starting point.

Where will I workout?

Most exercise session will take place in the private fitness studio located at 28 Park Ave (Suite 102) in Keene. Weather permitting, workouts may be done out doors in the open space behind the studio.

What certifications do you have?

I have a bachelors in exercise science from Keene State College and a masters degree in performance enhancement and inury prevention. I have a lifetime certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a Level 1 Crossfit certification. Read more about my background here.

What type of equipment will I use?

The barbell will soon become an extension of your body. Total body, demanding movements such as deadlifts, various squats and overhead exercises will be benchmarks in your primal conditioning program. Your bodyweight and kettlebells will also be used on a nearly daily basis. Other tools such as dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls, medicine balls and gymnastics rings will also be used.

What do I need to bring?

Please use clean sneakers when exercising in the studio, although for most exercises, bare feet are encouraged if it is comfortable for you. You can bring any items you might need such as a water bottle (highly recommended), lifting gloves, and a towel. Bringing a snack for after the workout may be helpful.

How long is a workout?

A workout, from the warm-up to the cool down, typically takes around 60 minutes. I do not plan your workout with a time limit in mind, you are here to get things done! Therefore some workouts may be completed in as little as 40 minutes, and some may last up to an hour and fifteen minutes. Please let me know if you have any time constraints before we begin our session.

How many times per week should I workout?

This question is largely up to you. Working out 4 times per week will not give you any more benefit than working out 2 times per week if you cannot commit to working out all 4 days. Be realistic about your schedule and about your energy levels. Your fitness goals will also be a deciding factor in this question. Primal Conditioning fitness programs can be adapted to fit in as little as one workout in the studio and one workout that you complete on your own. It is not uncommon for beginners to ‘jump start’ their programs with additional sessions.

How much is this going to cost?

A monthly plan will be decided upon by you and your trainer, so this answer will vary. Base pricing starts at $45 per private session.

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