Private one-on-one coaching is about more than just a great workout session. Primal Conditioning Private Coaching provides you with a new workout every session where learning proper technique and control is emphasized and ‘going through the motions’ is not allowed! 

 Every individual will receive an initial diet, activity and behavior consultation. A movement assessment will be completed in order to properly track your progress in all areas. All programs will be personalized to your activity levels, address injuries or weakness and emphasize the goals that we decide on together.


Private Personal Training Memberships

This is the top membership at Primal Conditioning. This membership has had a waiting list since August 2016, and only 4-5 new clients are invited to this membership per year. Private members typically stay in this membership for 2 years.

A private member gets significantly more one-on-one time, more rescheduling options, priority diet and activity reporting as well as email and Trainerize support. Members at this level recognize that their goals will not be achieved overnight. Playing “the long game” when it comes to health and fitness yields better results with less struggles, plateaus, or set backs.

Choose 1, 2 or 3 studio workouts per week, plus as many home/public gym workouts you need including additional strength training, recovery routines, cardio prescriptions, and nutrition guidance.

Investment: $215-$515 per month


Small Group Training

Group memberships start at just $20 per class. Group memberships still require commitment to a regular schedule, as these workouts are designed for you by a personal trainer. Groups are capped at 4 people each, allowing for more personal attention and a sense of camaraderie with your fellow group members.

This is not a generic class with where no one will notice if you don’t show up, you won’t be allowed to stand anonymously at the back of the class. You will get corrections, modifications, adjustments constantly to ensure that the group workout rivals the customization of a private program. This relies on your commitment to learning proper form and posture.

Group members (choose 1, 2 or 3 studio workouts per week) also have access to Trainerize, giving them as many home/public gym workouts you need including additional strength training, recovery routines, cardio prescriptions, and nutrition guidance.

Investment: $80-$280 per month


Online Training

Customized strength training, cardio and nutrition programs delivered virtually. Download your strength training plans, with detailed instructions and videos, track your progress, check in with you trainer, all from your computer or smart phone. Online training is more cost effective than in person workouts, and can be done on your own time!

Download the Guide “What is Online Training” by filling out the form below.

Investment: $39 per month or $399 per year


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  1. Shauna says:

    Hi Stephanie…

    I was wondering if you are still doing Crossfit/Functional Fitness Training in the Keene area. My husband and I are avid Crossfitters in the Boston area and we have seen amazing results from our training. My parents are in their 50s and are looking to get in better shape. My mom has tried and enjoyed one modified CF workout at our affiliate, but they live right outside of Keene and there are no affiliates near them. If you could email me back.. I would be interested in passing along your information to them. I can be reached at

    Shauna Hobson

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