Nutrition Coaching

You don’t need another diet. The key to long term success is using a sustainable, moderate approach to consistently build healthier habits into your life, one step at a time. 

What is Habit-Based Nutrition Coaching?

Our nutrition coaching program is a based on a strategic set of behaviors, education and accountability. Unlike fad diets, our program starts with getting to know your current relationship with food, your current lifestyle and daily routines, and what your goals are. It does NOT start with a shopping list full of expensive, unfamiliar foods. It does NOT start with a meal plan that requires you to cook for 6 hours on Sundays and bring Tupperware meals every where you go. It does NOT start with requiring you to track every gram of food and tediously log it into your phone. It starts with meeting you where you are, figuring out what is keeping there, and outlines the plan going forward one maintainable, effective step at a time. 
Five Star Review
"The one on one attention has been so helpful and encouraging. Stephanie shares her knowledge in a non judgmental way. I knew as soon as I met with Stephanie that this was the type of help I needed."

How it Works

Why Diets Fail
Most strict diets are not maintainable in the long term because they take a person who is presumably eating a very poor diet, and instantly gets them on a strict meal plan, gives them a strange grocery list, sometimes force their protein shakes and products, and tells them exactly how to cook and prepare everything and to stick with it no matter what. In the short term, this might seem easy, everything is done for you and you don’t have to think about whether you are doing it right or not. But as soon as the diet ends, the bad foods creep back onto your grocery list, you start going out to eat again, you don’t know when your full or satisfied or when to give into your cravings or not, and you don’t know how to stick with the fundamentals throughout changes in your day/life. 

Why This is Different

No Complex Life Style Changes

The habit-based approach breaks down big goals and complex lifestyle changes into small, strategic, daily practices that make sense for who you are and how you operate. The goal of this program is to teach you what proper serving sizes are, what foods are masquerading as ‘health foods’, when to recognize when your satisfied, how to improve your digestion, and how to stay on track 80% of the time on autopilot. The habits-based approach teaches you these key skills not but telling you, but by walking through each concept and habit, one at a time, with the help of your coach, to ensure that you have practiced and really understand the principles behind each lesson. 

What the Program Includes

Let’s Start Some Good Habits

What's Required of You?

This is YOUR program, and your interaction is required…

Ready to Get Started?

Why wait another day?!

If you are ready for more energy and confidence, and to stop being consumed by thoughts of food, dieting or the scale, then you’ve found the right program!
If your finally sick of counting calories, hopping from one diet to another, or simply never starting because it would be too strict, then it’s time to ease your mind and approach nutrition in a whole new way.

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2. Choose Your Package

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Created to fit YOUR preference

Monthly Nutrition Coaching

Month-to-Month Option
$ 99 Monthly
  • Includes Full Primal Conditioning Membership. See 'Online Training' for full details.
  • Weekly Coaching Calls & Unlimited Messaging
  • Near Daily Lessons, Tips, Accountability and Guidance as you move through the program at your own pace
  • Learn the basics of the main food groups, portion sizes, how to build a meal and how to make the best choice given your options.
  • Learn to listen to your body and trust it, disrupt any patterns that are sabotaging your progress

16 Week "Never Diet Again" Program

$ 399
  • Includes An Online Personal Training Membership
  • Includes the same accountability, support and resources from the monthly coaching option
  • Learn the 2 'rules' you must apply no matter what your are eating or what your goals are
  • Graduate with a plan that YOU designed, that you've actually practiced and implemented, worked out this kinks, and have been successful with.

The "Change HOW You Eat" 28 Day Challenge

$ 0
  • 28 Days - One Habit - Zero foods are off limits - You in?
  • Change the focus from WHAT you eat to HOW you eat.
  • Improve digestion, reduce cravings, and eat less, naturally.


You can email me or we can set up a time for a phone call to talk about this program in depth and decide if it’s right for you. I look forward to your questions!

 No. Primal Conditioning’s nutrition programs do not claim to cure or treat any diseases. Personal trainers are qualified to give nutritional advice, tips, meal plans, and education provided they are not claiming their advice is ‘medical’. 

This is highly individual and depends on your starting point, lifestyle, and changes you are willing to make alongside the guidance of your coach. Most people lose 25-35 lbs in 6-12 months. Note: You don’t have to stay on the coaching program for any longer than you want to – but with the long term habits you’ll develop, you’ll continue to see results after finishing the program. 

The answer is almost always no. But if your ‘favorite food’ is getting a 1,500 McDonalds meal every night, then we have to talk! 

No you don’t have to cut these out. Instead you’ll learn what a proper serving is, how to get more satisfaction out of your ‘treats’ and how to work them into your lifestyle with moderation so you aren’t controlled by your cravings for these things.