Best Fitness and Nutrition Advice May 2020

Top Fitness + Health Articles for May 2020

The cool breezes of spring are giving way to the heat and sunshine that June brings! Can you believe May is almost over? I put a ton of new blogs up on the website this month and I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss any of them! 
Before you read any of them; I’d like to ask if you answer this 3 question, sixty-second survey about your biggest health and fitness goal! I started this poll at the beginning of the month and so far, longevity the #1 reason you follow a fitness program – it even ranks above fat loss! 
Fitness and working out
Health and nutrition
All About Zinc

Quick Facts about Zinc

Zinc: A vital mineral Zinc is a trace mineral that our body needs to perform over 300 reactions related to our health, DNA, and metabolism.

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All About Vitamin C

We all associate vitamin C with getting a cold, and even with skin creams and anti-aging serums, but this powerful antioxidant does countless critical functions

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Motivation and mindset

“If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life” – Tony Robbins

—> Click here to read about carving out 10 minutes in the morning just for yourself. Watch Tony Robbins explain this to Oprah in under 3 minutes.

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