Overcoming setbacks to lose weight

Overcoming Setbacks + Temptations

Quick Stats

Name: Sandy
Age: 51
Starting Weight: 221 lbs.
Occupation: School Behavioral Counselor
Location: Keene, NH

    Having thyroid disease made it seem impossible for Sandy to lose weight following the traditional low-calorie advice. Luckily, Sandy has been an avid runner her whole life and was always able to control her weight that way. Her already slow metabolism began to slow down even more with age, and the excess weight that had crept on resulted in an ankle injury.

    Not being able to run caused her to gain more weight and she really started to miss being out on the road. Fed up, she knew she wanted to get back to running but didn’t want to hurt herself. Sandy hired a personal trainer and started strength training twice per week and taking frequent walks with her dog.

    As her weight decreased and her strength increased, she built back up to regularly running 20+ miles per week. In conjunction with physical activity, Sandy started the nutrition habits coaching program with the goal of not being tempted by all of the snacks and treats at work. Her coach taught her better breakfast strategies so she was less tempted to snack before lunch. Sandy allowed herself moderate portions of healthier snack options while at work and learned to be satisfied with appropriate portion sizes rather than mindlessly grabbing tiny bites here and there and losing track of how much she had actually consumed.

Sandy has lost 18 pounds in 5 months and is still losing! 

Reduce portions Lift weights

In Her Own Words...

1. Tell me about where you were physically and emotionally with your health before deciding to join?
Frustrated and feeling defeated.
2. What kind of results have you seen since starting your program at Primal Conditioning?
Weight loss as a result of managing my diet and maintaining my cardio.  More toned with the addition of strength workouts.
3. How would you describe your experience here at Primal Conditioning?
Stephanie knows her stuff and has met me where I am at.  When I asked for help with weight loss she gave me a doable and reasonable plan.  No food items have ever been taken away so I do not feel I have been deprived. 
4. What would you say to someone else who was considering joining, or “on the fence” about joining our programs here at Primal Conditioning?
I have mentioned my success with Stephanie to others.  So much great and knowledgeable information and feedback!
5. Any additional thoughts you’d like to include?
Success builds success and I feel like I am on track to continuing my weight loss!!

What next for Sandy?

Sandy is well on her way to “One-derland” and is looking for her next challenge. She has signed up for a spartan adventure race in the fall! 

Does Sandy's story sound familiar?

Have you struggled with loosing weight and keeping it off? 
Have you started a fitness plan countless times, only to drop out before you saw results? 

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