Strength Training was the missing piece

Strength training was the missing piece

Quick Stats

Name: Christina
Age: 62
Starting Weight: 128 lbs.
Occupation: Traveling Sales Rep
Location: Keene, NH
Christina has been actively running 5ks, marathons, and everything in between for several decades. She came to Primal Conditioning after losing 60 pounds on her own by following a paleo style diet. However she felt stuck and was unsure about what to do next. Her running was slowing down and so was her metabolism. By adding strength training and addressing the imbalances caused by years of running, we increased Christina’s strength and overall metabolism. Her energy increased, her body felt better and running became easier and enjoyable again.
Consistently improving her weight training workouts, and nourishing her body with a high quality, all natural diet has allowed Christina to maintain top placings in regional events and to maintain her previous fat loss success. All without counting points or calories, and while balancing a travel-heaving career!

In Her Own Words...

Tell me about where you were physically and emotionally with your health before deciding to join?
My physical and mental health was already pretty good. I am an avid runner and have recently started a paleo diet. I wanted to push past some plateaus I have hit with both my endurance running and with fat loss.  
What kind of results have you seen since starting your program at Primal Conditioning?
I have toned my body and used muscles that have been asleep for a long time. My running has improved too!
How would you describe your experience here at Primal Conditioning?
Very positive and uplifting! Stephanie is a sweet trainer and she is knowledgeable about nutrition and dieting too.
What would you say to someone else who was considering joining, or “on the fence” about joining our programs here at Primal Conditioning?
Being a member of a private fitness studio is an excellent way to workout. You can make your own schedule with a trainer and get more individualized workouts compared to a typical gym.

Does Christina's story sound familiar?

Have you struggled with loosing weight and keeping it off? 
Have you started a fitness plan countless times, only to drop out before you saw results? 

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