Testimonial: “I needed a skilled trainer who could help me learn in a safe way”

Quick Stats

Name: Judi
Age: 66
Starting Weight: 150 lbs.
Occupation: School Bus Driver
Location: Nelson, NH
Judi first came to Primal Conditioning with the short term goal of getting ready for a hiking trip to Iceland. She was hiking with women 25 years younger than her, and wanted to make sure she could keep up – safely. 
Judi was not obese and wasn’t a stranger to physical activity as her profession and hobbies keep her on her feet. However she had never tried a structured exercise program under the guidance of a trainer that would keep a strict eye on her form and keep her accountable 3 times per week. After returning from Iceland, Judi was ready to focus on her long term goal; being as healthy as possible and stay active as long as she can.  Judi has now been training at Primal Conditioning for over 3 years. In that time she has had incredible attendance – Consistency is the key! 
Fat loss was never a huge goal for her, but she has had success in losing 10-15 lbs during “dieting sprints”. Judi uses a portion control program to make sure she is eating enough servings of the right foods (lots of produce and protein), and not over doing it on the wrong foods (empty carbohydrates, sweets, alcohol). Simply tracking what she eats for 4-6 weeks at a time once or twice a year is all she needs to stay on track with a maintainable diet that doesn’t require precise calorie counting, meal prepping or only eating packaged foods made for a specific diet.

In Her Own Words...

Tell me about where you were physically and emotionally with your health before deciding to join?
Before I decided to join PC I knew I wanted to get back into shape.  Over a couple of years I had let my physical health slide.  I did not have a routine of physical activity and exercise and  had gained weight.. Emotionally I had come a long way having gone through some difficult life situations and just didn’t focus on my physical health in a proactive way. That is until the day my daughter called and said let’s go to Iceland.  And after making travel arrangements she called right back and stated “and we both have to be in good shape.” When I went into to see my acupuncturist who was treating me for aches and pains and back problems.  I told him to stick me with all the needles he had because I needed to get in shape.  Before I left that day he had given me the name for Primal Conditioning.
What kind of results have you seen since starting your program at Primal Conditioning?
When I started the program I had both a short term goal and a longer term goal.  Actually I would call the longer term goal now a lifetime goal. My short term goal was very specific.  I wanted to be in the best shape I could reasonably be in order to enjoy and hike Iceland with two women who are in terrific shape and 25 years younger than I am.  And, I had less than two months to do that.  My life time goal was and still is to be the best that I can be for who I am and what I want to do.  To stack the cards in my favor in all the ways I can.  At 66, I knew that it had so much more to do in my life.
How would you describe your experience here at Primal Conditioning?
When I first started I wasn’t sure about how I was going to accomplish my goals, but I did know that I needed a skilled trainer who could help me learn and train in a safe way.  When I started I already knew exercises that could help me, physical therapy and yoga has been a part of my life. I had also been successful in a well known weight loss program.  What I didn’t have was a dedicated program commitment.  And, more importantly,  I didn’t have someone who could help me to train in a safe way paying attention to my physical and emotional attitude supporting me as I worked out. I put my trust in her. And honestly, the knowledge that I thought I had was a long way from what I really needed, which was to “tailor” it specifically to me, my lifestyle, my diet, my habits, and my individual challenges. My trainer has been a trooper in helping me to reach towards my goal.
What would you say to someone else who was considering joining, or “on the fence” about joining our programs here at Primal Conditioning?
Start now!  Learn now what you can do to be the best that you can be.  You have a long way to go, stacking the cards in your favor can only help you to live a brighter and more comfortable, safer and more healthy life.  So the challenges just don’t all go away magically but they sure are better.  I am so glad that I have persevered and that Stephanie has been here for me.  Thank you.
Any additional thoughts you’d like to include?
Working individually at first and now in small groups as well, I continue to be amazed at how far I have come towards my goal of well being.  I am not perfect in my practice but I am dedicated. And, I am so so grateful.

Does Judi's story sound familiar?

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