28 Ways to Get Healthy with Little Habits

28 Ways in 28 Days | Getting Healthy with Little Habits

You already take full advantage of your gym membership and shop the outer aisles of the grocery store. Looking for the next big secret? There isn’t one. Once you have the basics covered, it’s the little changes that will bring you closer to your visions of a fit body.

In this plan you will try one new habit every day for an entire month. Cut calories, add new foods to your meals and keep your health a top priority. How many of these 28 habits will you carry into next month?

Day 1

Avoid Alcohol

The drink itself will add extra calories, but whats worse is the damage of late night snacking and poor sleep.

Day 2

Eat Almonds

One ounce of Almonds, about 22 of them, contain the right balance of fats, protein, fiber, and complex carbs to fuel your fitness goals.

Day 3

Switch Your Milk

Organic dairy, almond milk, hazelnut milk, coconut milk! You will never get bored with these options and many come in original, vanilla and chocolate varieties while still remaining under 100 calories per cup. Blue Diamond has even come out with an almond – coconut blend.

Day 4

Drink Ginger Tea

Good for immunity and digestion and a perfect break when you have a few minutes to yourself.

Day 5

Eat a Spicy Meal

Red peppers, turmeric and cayenne boost your taste buds and your metabolic rate.

Day 6

It's OK to Dine Out

Choose steamed or baked whitefish without breading. Add a lemon – butter sauce to your veggies too!

Day 7

Go Dark

Try a 72% or greater dark chocolate bar. Processed foods aren’t all that bad. High-quality brands are made with free-trade cocoa and very little sugar, allowing for more satisfaction from a smaller bite.

Day 8

Add Asparagus

Including this veggie in your dinner tonight will help digestion with its insoluble fiber.

Day 9

Snack Swap

Choose an organic apple today instead of a processed carbohydrate. For the same amount of calories, this small snack contains much more fiber, antioxidants and nutrients than any granola bar.

Day 10

Balancing Fats

Adding half of an avocado to your lunch time salad or sandwich will postpone hunger just a little bit longer. Don’t throw out the pit, keeping the pit in the unused half will keep the avocado from browning right away.

Day 11

Blend Up Berries

Add a cup of raspberries and blueberries to your protein shake today to make a thicker smoothie than will reduce soreness from strength training. And they are amazingly high in antioxidants and vitamin C!

Day 12

Double Up

Bake a pound of chicken breast today and cook 2 cups of wild rice. Immediately portion this meal into dinner, and two smaller lunches for quick and easy leftovers for the coming days.

Day 13

Emergency Stash

Keep some string cheese in your fridge at work in case you are extra hungry or forget to pack something one day.

Day 14

A New Whey

Usually use water or milk to drink your protein powder with? Try mixing or blending a scoop of Vanilla with fruit juice for a creamsicle taste.

Day 15

Make Your Own Mix

Buy small containers of dried fruits such as apricots, cranberries or raisins and small containers of raw nuts such and portion out one ounce servings of trail mix. An easy, sweet snack that you will be glad you have on hand.

Day 16

Save 300 Calories

Next time you can’t make a full breakfast, try an apple and peanut or almond butter. Had the same effect of eating a bagel with cream cheese without the bloat! Be sure to have something from your emergency stash when you get to your destination.

Day 17

Party Lightly

At your next event, choose to munch on shrimp. High in protein and just the right amount of fat to hold you over until the meal.

Day 18

Ban the Vending Machine

Ounce for Ounce, choosing fruit as a quick pick me up will leave you fuller and more nourished than vending machine cookies or crackers.

Day 19

Check the Potty

Seriously. Is your pee dark? Are you drinking enough water? Drink water until it becomes a pale color. Stop dehydration before it affects your gym sessions.

Day 20


Switching from conventional yogurt to organic Greek yogurt will nearly double the protein. This thick and versatile treat will satisfy any craving.

Day 21

Fight Free Radicals

Glutathione is an amino acid we can manufacture to repeatedly neutralize free radicals better than a supplement. Add zucchini or broccoli to your next meal to become a free radical fighter.

Day 22

Crack an Egg

Choosing whole eggs instead of liquid eggs ensures you are getting the freshest and most active nutrients from the egg. Top 2 to 3 scrambled eggs with some salsa for a different take of breakfast.

Day 23

Yum, Grapefruit!

Compounds in grapefruit have been repeatedly shown to increase metabolism. Enjoy half of a grapefruit for breakfast or 6 ounces of grapefruit juice before meals.

Day 24

Tea Time

Drink 3 cups of green tea today. It will help make your pee clear, but the metabolic properties of the active compounds will have you burning an extra 100 calories!

Day 25

Stir Fry Spinach

An entire cup of spinach is just 7 calories and can be eaten cooked or raw, for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Day 26

Go Exotic

Instead of a brownie on cheat day, treat yourself with some tropical melons, mangos and papaya.

Day 27

Boost Brain Power

Regularly eating salmon (two to three times per month) can increase cognition and memory. So start today before your forget!

Day 28

Soothing Soup

Slow down your meals and enjoy a broth based soup with plenty of protein and fibrous veggies.

How many habits will carry over into the next month?

Which habits were your favorite?

Which habits were you already doing?

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