Pain free into retirement

Quick Stats

Name: Chuck
Age: 72
Starting Weight: 250 lbs.
Occupation: Retired Computer Programmer + Photographer
Location: Jaffrey, NH

Chuck started a corrective exercise program customized to his goals and injuries to stay pain free into retirement.

Chuck was a recently retired computer programmer and knew he needed to stay active into retirement. He had started a small photography business but that meant more desk work. Chuck was overweight and getting older. Daily pains began to limit his mobility. Chuck enlisted the help of Primal Conditioning to meet with him once a month or so and check on his fitness plan. 

Stephanie designed a corrective exercise program than strengthened his back, hips and core as well as help him increase his flexibility, stamina and lose fat. The weight loss and pain relief was so helpful in Chucks day to day life, he began working out more and eventually built up to working out 3 times per week with Stephanie and doing cardio on his own. This is when he started to see even better results. 

Chuck lost 20 lbs and was able to lift, squat and deadlift the weights he used in his twenties – all without the risk of further injury or pain.

In His Own Words...

Tell me about where you were physically and emotionally with your health before deciding to join?
I was exercising on and off. My weight was too high and had not reduced for years. I was frustrated at my difficulty with losing weight. 
What kind of results have you seen since starting your program at Primal Conditioning?
With encouragement from Stephanie as my trainer, I began to work out more regularly in addition to her weekly sessions. I had a lower back injury that was so extreme I was not able to work in my sports photography business. I wasted money and time on a “recommended” occupational therapist that produced no significant help. With Stephanie, her corrective exercise stretches were the most successful. This was later confirmed by my doctor after he took two MRIs. A similar back injury occurred a year later on the other side and I had the same outcome with Stephanie – complete recovery of the injury.
How would you describe your experience here at Primal Conditioning?
Consistent support and improvement with her planned exercises. The encouragement and challenging workouts were recorded by Stephanie to confirm the improvements that I had already noticed were making my life better. I trust her and the role that she played for my fitness accomplishments – they would not have happened with our her accountability and expertise. She designed a plan for losing weight with a steady, simple and challenging method. Targeting weight reduction every other month worked better for me that any other ‘diet’. I have the ownership/ personal responsibility to follow her advise. She knows how to encourage me and it works!
What would you say to someone else who was considering joining, or “on the fence” about joining our programs here at Primal Conditioning?
If you want to feel better, stronger and happier I strongly recommend exercising with a pro to help you get there. Stephanie is the best of the several trainers I have tried in the Cheshire county area. She is not just educated and knowledgeable, she is also amiable and dedicated to her clients.
Any additional thoughts you’d like to include?
“Stephanie’s professionalism shows up in the quality of her training session’s that are tailored to my needs. She encourages me to work harder and better to build my fitness.  She is able to adjust to some of my elderly joints, like my wrists, knee and lower back with out diminishing the value of her training. She adds nutrition advice which has also been important for my well being. 
The most amazing help she has been is for my lower back which was significantly inured over a year ago at a volleyball game I was photographing. I could barely stand up after the injury. I tried acupuncture, professional occupational therapy and then an orthopedic specialist that took two MRI’s. During this period, Stephanie showed me a stretching exercise that has been the most successful help for my lower back.  After the final MRI’s were reviewed with the orthopedic doctor, his best advice was to continue the exercising and stretching that Stephanie was helping me with, and that the occupational therapist would not be helpful. My back had already told me that she was best support for my back.
In addition to her skills and fitness help, she is very personable and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their fitness.” – Chuck Bruce

Does Chucks story sound familiar?

Have you struggled with loosing weight and keeping it off? 
Have you started a fitness plan countless times, only to drop out before you saw results? 

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